Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nader Collaborating with YouTube Celebs to raise awareness

Ralph Nader's campaign took a page out of the Mike Gravel YouTube playbook this week, in launching a series of collab videos with YouTube Celebrities. He's done interviews with 3 different YouTube stars - Davis Fleetwood, Red State Update, and Renetto. It's all a part of his strategy to raise more awareness for his campaign via alternative media sources, the campaign tells Citizentube.

"By interacting directly with various internet personalities we hope not only to familiarize our campaign with a wider audience, but to give more legitimacy to this alternative medium." said John Harrison, who works for the campaign. "The Nader/Gonzalez campaign believes that you can't have democracy without a democratic media, and so we embrace the potential of YouTube to change the political discourse in this country."

All three interviews were shot by the campaign but edited by the YouTube personalities and uploaded to their personal accounts. Here they are:

And the campaign isn't done - future interviews, John tells us, will be released with Barely Political (creators of the Obama Girl) and Representative Press.


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