Friday, September 19, 2008

Citizentube Friday Five

Nader gets philosophical, Lisa Nova does Palin, two comedians sing about the economic crisis, and those 527 groups come out swinging. Here’s this week’s Friday Five.

The Economic Meltdown Song 08 (w/Free mp3!!) (RhettandLink)

Topical (and humorous) song about the recent economic meltdown.

To Be or Not to Be: Ralph Nader Confides in Cardozo the Parrot (votenader08)

Nader reflects on what he should do to get more media attention.

Sarah Palin Exclusive Interview with Charles Gibson on ABC!! (LisaNova)

Sarah Palin (aka Lisa Nova) does an exclusive interview with Charlie Gibson. Gianna ad (BornAliveTruthInfo)

Ad from targeted at Barack Obama.

My Friends (karinmoveon)

Ad from MoveOn.Org targeted at John McCain.


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