Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gingrich Gives Away Gas on YouTube

Back in early August, Newt Gingrich and his team at American Solutions came to YouTube with a unique idea: spark a discussion about drilling for oil on the site, and give away a free year of gasoline to the person who made the best video explaining why we need to - in the words of the former Speaker - "Drill here, drill now."

They got some interesting submissions. One person created "Onion Breath", a short commercial showing that high fuel prices lead to high food prices on items like, say... onions... Another entrant spent 2 minutes talking to a sock puppet while pouring a quart of oil over his head. And of course someone made an emotionally charged music video, complete with slo-mo graphics and rippling Ameircan flags.

Gingrich and company chose 3 finalists and let their community on American Solutions vote for the winner, and that winner was 24-year old Shamus Green, from Louisville, Kentucky. His video stars a 3-year old child who is burdened by debt after taking her "car" to the gas station.

Shamus, had this to say on American Solutions website:

"I know the constant dread of watching the needle on the gas tank. For our energy, we need to do it all, using wind, solar and other sources, but we also need to drill here and drill now. The international powers that be think they have the United States where they want us – it’s time to show them that we are taking back control of our future. The money that we would save would allow us to contribute more to the global economy, give to charities, and to save for our children’s future."


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