Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Video Edifies Case Against Pakistani Rangers

How did one video change the paradigm in a Pakistani courtroom? The footage (WARNING: graphic content) of a group of military rangers dragging out and shooting a young man at point blank provoked outrage in Pakistan. The clip is raw and visceral. An onlooker caught the incident and released it to TV media and within hours it was ubiquitous. Citizens took to the web and the streets to show support for Sarfraz Shah and his family: protesters hung the ranger in effigy, bloggers broadcasted the incident to the world and discussed a series of recent extrajudicial killings, and tweeters called directly on Chief Justice of Pakistan to take measures against Shahid Zafar. Earlier this month the court convicted the shooter, Zafar and the other rangers involved.

This post was written by Nicole McDonald, YouTube Policy.


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The Judge said...

I was shocked to see this act of murder on youtube. Its shocking to think that this happened in a court room.

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