Monday, June 13, 2011

Live Conversation on US-China Relations between Jon Huntsman and Henry Kissinger

In his new book, On China, U.S. Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, writes about the turbulent history of US-China relations and a fear of communism that has haunted America since FDR’s failed attempt at diplomatic ties with the Nationalist and Communist parties in 1945. Speaking about the role of the countries in current affairs, Kissinger asks, “what a culmination if, forty years later, the United States and China could merge their efforts not to shake the world but to build it.”

Beginning 12:30 (EST) on Tuesday June 14, Thomson Reuters will explore this issue in a live conversation between Sir Harold Evans, Henry Kissinger, and U.S. Ambassador to China (as well as prospective Presidential candidate), Jon Huntsman. The event will serve as the first in a series that seeks to shed insight into the uncertain relationship between the two emerging superpowers.  The second conversation in this series kicks off the following Wednesday when Paul Ingrassia, Deputy Editor-in-chief of Reueters interviews Carlos Ghosn, Chairman, CEO, and President of Nissan.

To watch the conversation please visit the Reueters YouTube channel at The conversation will air live at 12:30 EST on Tuesday June 14th.


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