Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chris Christie -- the "Justin Bieber of Political Media"

Chris Christie, the Republican Governor from New Jersey, has amassed a significant following on YouTube, regularly posting compelling (and often testy / controversial) videos. While not the only politician to embrace YouTube as a platform to engage citizens, Christie is one of the most adept at regularly posting entertaining content that showcases his direct approach. His YouTube popularity has been noticed by mainstream media outlets, with an article in the New York Times today (read here) and a piece in Slate a few weeks back (here).

To check out Christie's YouTube channel visit here and see below for a recent video from a town hall in Clifton, NJ.


Willie G Haid said...

Innovative. Great example of successful marketing. Looks like he is thinking about a presidential run despite what he may be saying.

Anonymous said...

"there is nothing left unsaid between us"

In other words, now that he's started his presidential campaign, Governor Christie isn't going to be saying any of the reassuring things he's said to the millionaires and billionaires who want him to wage war on the middle class.

He's going to spend all of his time focusing on fooling the middle class into voting for him.

He'd be happier if this weren't a democracy. Then he wouldn't have to lie to us in order to get our votes.

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