Monday, December 8, 2008

CEOs Fighting Corruption on YouTube

Corporate executives around the world are teaming up to fight global corruption, and in honor of International Anti-Corruption day on December 9, CEOs and leaders of the World Economic Forum's Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) are inviting the YouTube community to send their suggestions for how to fight corruption.

If you have ideas abut how corporations and world leaders might crack down on illegal bribes and other abuses of power, you can add your comments and reply videos in response to their call-out:

Among the 140 leaders who have joined the PACI, here's a list of the CEOs appearing in this video:
Peter Bakker, Chief Executive Officer, TNT, Netherlands; Alan L. Boeckmann, President and Chief Executive Officer, Fluor Corporation, USA; Samuel A. DiPiazza Jr, Chief Executive Officer, PricewaterhouseCoopers International, USA; and Richard OBrien, President and Chief Executive Officer, Newmont Mining Corporation, USA.

These CEOs argue the importance of fighting this widespread corruption by stating that each year, 1 trillion US dollars is lost in bribes around the world, which is enough to feed 400,000 million starving people for 27 years.

They promise to respond to some of these ideas and send another update directly from Davos, Switzerland at the Word Economic Forum in January 2009, so stay tuned for more.


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