Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Local Newscasts on the Republican Spending Plan

The Senate Democratic Policy and Communications Committee just released the below video about how the Republican budget plan would impact local communities. Rather than having prominent Senate Democrats make their case, the Senate Democratic Committee spliced together clips from local newscasts around the country about how the budget cuts will specifically impact their area . Regardless of your opinion about the budget cuts themselves, the use of local newscasters as the voices of dissent is a creative approach to get the Democrats' message out.


Anonymous said...

Here's a nice song.

Anonymous said...

Cut baby cut. Reduce the government whenever and wherever you can. The notion that everyone would starve and be out in the streets without the government is absurd. Let the American people keep their money, eliminate government intervention in business, and watch our economy grow. Government does not create anything, people do. Release our greatest resource, creativity and innovation.

Unknown said...

it sucks that we are so independent on government that its affecting everyone( except the people that basically own this country cough cough)... umm i hear for posting something like this i get black listted, ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, like i care im a law abiding citizen of the united states mothafucka

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