Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ask the Department of the Interior

Ever been interested in what the Department of the Interior does? Now is your time to ask!

The Director of New Media for the Department of the Interior is asking you to submit your questions and Secretary Ken Salazar will answer them on YouTube at the end of next week.

You can submit questions right in the comments to the linked YouTube video as well as on the other social media channels listed at the end of the video!


Ellie K said...

I hope I'm not too late. This blog post is dated December 7, stating that selected questions will be answered at the end of the following week.

Does that refer to the end of this week, Friday Dec. 17? I hope?

I viewed the linked video on YouTube's site as this post suggested. I read the comments that followed. There are at most 2 out of approx 30 comments that are genuine. The rest are spam, or offensive and irreverent to Director Fullerton. Can they be removed? They are so mean and spiteful. Many contain sexual and abusive language. The video is pleasant and inoffensive. It does NOT warrant such a response.

Perhaps you cannot delete them if they are protected under the 1st Amendment because you represent, in fact ARE the U.S. government? Yet Google owns the YouTube site.... I have a YouTube account, and am certain such comments violate YouTube terms of service.

I feel badly that a government employee should have such discourteous language heaped on him. What's wrong with people?

Anyway, I will forward a question to the Dept of the Interior via Twitter as suggested. Please provide details of the time and date when the video with Secretary Salazar's responses will be released. I would like to view it regardless of whether my question is selected for a response.

Thank you very much for reading this!
-- Ellie K.
P.S. I have a Google profile with contact info. Also, I am @EllieAsksWhy on Twitter.

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