Saturday, September 18, 2010

First-hand look at a Taliban attack in Afghanistan

Some incredible footage from Global Post's James Foley, on assignment for PBS News Hour in Afghanistan. At 1:32, a gunner takes a bullet in the head; his helmet saves his life.


Enric said...

This is interesting, thanks.
The aspect ratio of the video looks wrong?

atinyshift said...
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Anonymous said...

@atinyshift Let's protect both sexes equally, OK? "Reverse" sexism is just as bad as "regular" sexism.

atinyshift said...

Humanity needs to find a better way to resolve conflict and embrace our differences , and protect lives, especially that of women. I say this in the context of the Afghan war where to my knowledge the Afghan women are at a disadvantage.

atinyshift said...

@Anonymous I agree with you 100% that we need to protect the lives of both men and women, equally, hence I've added context to my earlier statement.

When it comes to the physical in muscle strength, the men do tend to outpower the women, on average. I know of exceptions. As a female, I also know that it takes all my strength to bench press 15 pounds and I've seen a woman in my gym go as high as 30 pounds. The majority of men in my gym are bench pressing 65, 75 and even a few at 100 pounds. In a dark alley or isolated in an apartment that would not be a fair fight if all we used was muscle power. Then we would need to add weapons which I prefer not to use.

If we are referring to mental and/or emotional conflict, that's a whole other story. Humanity (both genders) has a lot of work to do, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

should have gone through said...


How do to resolve issues ?

Is attack is only the solusion ?

Find out the right way to do meeting and resolve all issues.

Every question has some answer find out and resolve it forever.

Gone to move on this dangrious road.

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