Monday, August 23, 2010

Anti-Mosque Crowd Harasses Suspected Muslim

Opponents of a planned Islamic center near Ground Zero gathered in Lower Manhattan on Sunday to denounce the project. A YouTube user filmed some of the protesters harassing a man they mistook for a Muslim. interviewed the citizen reporter, Aaron Webber, who said the "the protesters were denouncing Islam itself, not merely the community center project."

User name: lefthandedart
Location: New York, New York
Date uploaded: August 22
Event date: August 22
Views: 25,867
User notes: "A man walks through the crowd at the Ground Zero protest and is mistaken as a Muslim. The crowd turns on him and confronts him. The man in the blue hard hat calls him a coward and tries to fight him. The tall man who I think was one of the organizers tried to get between the two men. Later I caught up with the man who's name is Kenny. He is a Union carpenter who works at Ground Zero. We discussed what a scary moment that was for him. I told him that I hoped it did not ruin his day."
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pedram said...

like to note

Anonymous said...

showz that they r mindless against the Muslims.there iz no religious tolerance in in America.shame just shame

Anonymous said...

Muslims r not terrorists,but victims.point to b noted by the world

Anonymous said...

once again looks like Americans are showing their ignorance...all turning on that guy for no reason other than his of the free????me thinks not...seems that they going backwards over there of late.

Anonymous said...

It's a oBOWa mosque ! PERIOD !

Anonymous said...

no religious tolerance ? :o))

It's a primitive bloody sect...
19 muSSel fly in the DEAD more as 2000 people, but NONE immams or muftis protest !

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