Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wright Speaks Out

Reverend Jeremiah Wright has broken his silence to defend himself and his statements from the pulpit in an interview with Bill Moyers on PBS:

Rev. Wright is even planning to headline an event at the National Press Club on Monday.... hard to imagine this is good for the Obama campaign. The Senator's response to the Rev. Wright fracas back in March was roundly praised, and the video of the speech became the #1-viewed political video ever uploaded by a presidential candidate to YouTube.

Now with Rev. Wright re-surfacing these issues in the media, attention on YouTube is turning back to the conflict. The North Carolina GOP just uploaded a montage of Reverend Wright clips to YouTube this week - titled "Extreme", it's the most-viewed political video on YouTube today:

Not the message the Obama campaign wants North Carolina voters to hear as they prepare to vote in the May 6 primaries…


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Doesn't change anything

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