Monday, June 22, 2009

More From Bloody Saturday

Disturbing footage just uploaded to YouTube from Saturday's violent protests. A group of men run down the street, yelling loudly while carrying a badly wounded man. The camera holder appears to be running alongside, keeping the lens fixated on the bloodied body as it's lugged through the streets.

This video was taken by a woman driving down the street in a car. It's interesting to see what the city looks like as the car passes through and she pans what she sees on the sidewalk through the window, capturing two minutes of a busy street scene.


Anonymous said...

WE NEED PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nope. Peace is for another time. You need democracy.

Anonymous said...

they need their own government, justice and transparency. at least they're fighting for this

Massih said...

Stop flagging the videos.

- Greetings from Iran

Anonymous said...

Can Islam and true democracy with equality ever abide together? We respect the courage of these people and do pray for Peace, that their suffering not be in vain.

Anonymous said...

the Islamic revolution was meant for somthing a lot better and a lot more meaningful than what it is now. the leaders are the ones that have given this revolution a bad face.
i am sure that Islam and democracy can co-exist. It only has to be leaded by the right people.
it is as if i say can democracy and humain kind really abide together? is some cases yes, in others no... the people at the head of it all are the ones calling the shots.

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